Korea Trip

Mr. Chung, chairman of Korea-Froebel, recently invited Scott Bultman from the Froebel Foundation USA to visit Seoul, Korea. The visit was a great success and has provided a model for how to revive the Froebel kindergarten here in North America. Korean society is very family-centered and their interest in early education provides a great opportunity for Froebelian education. For over 25 years, Korea-Froebel has been providing Froebel materials and in-home teaching with trained tutors. In fact, the teacher training is one of the most impressive aspects of their operation. Korea-Froebel has over 1000 Froebel tutors across the country. The company of over 10,000 employees has created beautiful Froebel books and materials and they also publish a large library of children's books.

Mr. Chung also actively supports the Froebel movements in Germany, Japan and Thailand. He is committed to returning Froebelıs ideas to the forefront of educational thought around the world. His generous contribution to the Froebel Foundation will allow us to continue his work here in the US. Friedrich Froebel has a great friend in Mr. Chung of Korea-Froebel.

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